Recommended sessions are 45 mins. We do offer 20 min session for those that are limited on time. Multiple sessions are also recommended if needed.

Loose, comfortable, light-colored clothing that you can relax in works best. White socks should also be worn.

Each dry salt therapy session can hold up to 8 people per session. Each session starts at the top of the hour. Group rates are listed on the website for individuals who prefer to book the entire room for large groups.

Halotherapy is all natural and 100% safe. However, it is NOT recommended for those who are on active chemotherapy, tuberculosis, or on permanent oxygen assistance.

As you enter our salt room you will notice the floor is covered in Himalayan salt that feels like you are walking in sand. As you recline back in our zero gravity chairs and look up you will see the beautiful painted ceiling as if your looking at the night sky with stars. We have one full wall of salt rocks that is beautifully lite and can be dimmed down if requested. A blanket is ready for you if you choose as the room is 68-70 degrees. Our Halo generator grinds 99% pure pharmaceutical salt and it is expelled into the room.

All waivers and forms must be turned in prior to the session. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your session.

Socks must be worn within the salt room.

Cell phones and other electronic devices are NOT permitted within the salt room.

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